Client of the Month, November 2014

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Congratulations to Client of the Month, MG, who has already dropped 4kgs in 4 weeks

Having trained with Muddy Plimsolls for just 4 weeks, MG has already dropped 4kgs (that’s nearly 9 pounds) in time for her sister’s wedding. So she’s well on her way to her first stone. What a great achievement, seeing as we’re coming up to the Christmas period.

MG is on our Optimum Training Plan (8 sessions over 4 weeks) and is working with her trainer Michelle in the Hyde Park area.

MG’s response to her training

“[I’m] very happy with Michelle. She manages to find the perfect balance between pushing a client without demoralising them. There are visible improvements each week, both in terms of improved physical ability/endurance and appearance. Michelle has clearly been extremely careful tailoring my training plan and all the right areas are being addressed.” Customer service: “Excellent”

Read more about the Training Plan MG is on.

Michelle, her trainer, says:

“MG is getting on really well. We mix her training up between boxing, Kettle-bell and dumbbell total body strength and core work. The cardio element of her workout is based around HIIT and Tabata work. I’ve also added a lot of running intervals in to help her improve her running. Her exercise technique, especially squats and lunges, needed some attention.

After she completed a week’s food diary for me, we made some changes to that which has resulted in a weight loss of 4kg so far. She is really happy about that and on target for her sisters wedding.”


Name: MG
Age: 38
Original weight: 87.5kg (193 pounds)
New weight: 83.5kg (184 pounds)


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