Regent’s Park: one of our favourite locations for outdoor exercise

Personal Training in Regents Park

We’ve been offering mobile personal training in Regents Park for a number of years and the location remains one of the best for outdoor exercise.  There’s space to move and it’s perfect for exercising outdoors in privacy, which is largely due to the park’s sense of community.

The Regent’s Park has a local flavour of the surrounding neighbourhoods: Marylebone, Belsize Park, Camden and Primrose Hill. Outside of some busy summer weeks, it is frequented more by local residents than tourists. 

Personal Training in Regents Park

I believe that many locals see the park as an extension of their own back garden.  The park has the vibrant feel of a local community behind it, supported by societies like Friends of Regents Park, who’re personally invested in conserving this great open space.

This network of people gives Regent’s Park its local flavour and makes it my favourite outdoor personal training venue.  There’s a sense of privacy here – a feeling of being unnoticed by other local Londoners, who’re all out doing their own thing.

You can throw down a mat and go through a strength and core workout, without attracting an audience.  There are plenty of semi-private spots and wide open spaces for exercising or personal training in Regents Park, which won’t gather the interest of any onlookers.  Everyone else is too busy going about their own business, to notice you looking sweaty or touching your toes.