A winter workout needs the right exercise clothing

Gear for running in the cold weather

Dressing appropriately for a winter workout

Fresh air is beneficial to your body at all times of the year. An outdoor winter workout can boost your energy and decrease tension, frustration, and depression.

Cold weather workouts are the most invigorating as frigid temperatures stimulate your senses and make you more alert. Your body must work harder in the cold, so your endorphin production increases causing your mood to elevate. As with any strenuous outdoor activities, it’s important to be vigilant about your health and safety. Below are a few tips on how to have an exhilarating cold temperature workout while staying safe outdoors. If you keep up with your workout routine, by the summer you can swap all those sensible layers for a swimming costume.

Exercising in cold weather does require that you dress appropriately and be prepared for whatever the snowy or icy conditions throw at you. Just because you’re exercising doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bundle up and wear layers in preparation for the cold outdoors.

Choosing winter workout clothes

The first layer of clothing should be a moisture-wicking layer that absorbs sweat. Next, should come a layer of insulated material. This layer’s thickness depends on how cold it is during your workout, including the wind-chill factor. The outer layer should consist of a waterproof shell to keep heat from escaping your body and keep the cold, wind, and moisture out. In addition, your legs should be well-protected by long, workout pants as well as your hands and head: keep in mind that a significant amount of heat is lost through the head and hands as there are a number of blood vessels in these areas. Don’t overdo it though as wearing too many layers and bundling up can cause you to sweat profusely, with the sweat freezing close to your skin and reducing your body temperature.


Because conditions can often be unpredictable, it’s best that your footwear should have adequate grip and traction for any slippery ground. To improve running performance and develop a toned body from top to bottom, we at Muddy Plimsolls always encourage mixing in a full-body calisthenics workout with your run.


When exercising at dawn, dusk, or night, make sure your clothing is bright and reflective. If you’re working out alone, it’s particularly important during the winter months to let someone know where you intend to exercise or what your running route is.

Warm-up & Cool down

Warm up before heading outside because you’re more susceptible to pull a muscle in the cold, if you don’t perform a proper warm up. When running or jogging, opt for a route that starts with you running into the wind, so that the wind is at your back on your return. Ending your run with the wind at your back, especially when your body has been sweating, can decrease the discomfort of your sweat cooling.

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