Muddy Plimsolls fitness business wins Business of the Month

Muddy Plimsolls Ltd wins Sage Pay Business of the Month

Muddy Plimsolls, as a fitness business, has always championed professionalism and high quality service in the fitness industry. We’ve tried to make the client experience run smoothly and provide a great up-front training experience. And we also try hard to make the whole experience of dealing with Muddy Plimsolls a pleasure for our customers. From scheduling appointments to following up on client questions and particularly in the area of billing and payments.

From very early on in our history, we decided to offer secure, online payment options for new and recurring clients. We’re proud of our high level of security and reliable, stable ways to pay online or over the phone.

So it’s great to hear that we’ve been awarded Business of the Month by Sage Pay, our payment gateway provider. The award was won by our forward-thinking approach to client payment options, in an industry that still has a strong cash-in-hand culture.

Sage Pay is a UK market leader in providing payment gateway services to businesses. Sage Pay allows over 50,000 European businesses to offer their customers safe online and over the phone payment options. We’ve been using their services for years and have really appreciated how their operation makes our operation look good to our customers.

It’s great to think that we’ve been awarded this prize

Thanks, Sage Pay!

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