The 4 best ways to conquer weight loss exercise

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Muddy Plimsolls knows how to teach great, effective weight loss exercise so that our clients really learn to perform exercise well. And we do it to a high standard, mindful of our clients’ fitness levels, confidence level and mindset.

If you’re looking to lose weight and are involving an exercise plan, keep in mind these four key approaches to each and every workout.


Compound exercises are the big movements that are central to a weight loss exercise programme. Squats, pushes and pulls. Performed correctly (moving through a wide but safe range of movement at the joint) you will engage a large proportion of muscle fibres, make the exercise more demanding and burn more calories.


Weighted exercise is resistance exercise. So long as your movement is resisted, you will burn way more calories and become much stronger, faster. Forms of resistance typically are static, heavy objects like dumbbells. Most Muddy Plimsolls trainers mix up a kettlebell with resistance bands, ankle weights or even their own body to add resistance to a client’s workout.


The rate at which you move also determines the calories burnt. Just slightly speeding up the time it takes you to perform a push-up will dramatically increase the results. But ‘quick’ doesn’t mean ‘as fast as possible’. Keep your movements controllable and precise.


Combining different exercises, one after the other, is a great way of keeping moving, without exhausting yourself too quickly. It helps increase the volume of exercise you can safely handle which is another key element to burning as many calories during a workout as possible



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