Beginner’s guide to a calisthenics workout: part 1

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What is a calisthenics workout?

A calisthenics workout can mean different things to different people. Some focus on big, upper body strength exercises (based around pull-up bars). Some are more into the bootcamp-variety time based endurance exercises. And some prefer to work on gymnastic skills such as handstands and tumbles. Everyone agrees it’s ‘bodyweight’ exercise.

For Muddy Plimsolls, we combine the best practise of all these approaches. So, a typical workout session might combine an endurance run at the top of the session. This helps build aerobic fitness as well as function as a warm-up of the body before progressing onto more difficult exercises.

Following the warm-up, a selection of compound exercises (large movements of the limbs) such as squats, interspersed with skill-based exercises (balance, reaction speed, coordination) during the rest periods.

Finally, some demanding plyometric exercises to really get the heart going and develop strength.

This variety has many advantages particularly when training clients who have been deconditioned over many years. The client:

Avoids injuries by focussing on a wide variety of exercises

By varying a workout’s exercises, the volume of effort is not concentrated purely on one joint or muscle-group. Wear and tear is lessened and we feel that injuries are held off.

Develops a wider range of physical skills

A client can make great strides in his ability to sprint, push-up, jump or balance. All within a single session.

Experiences improved fat loss, muscle building and increasing energy levels at the same time

Simply performing tricep dips will not burn many calories. However, running about a park won’t develop upper body muscle. By combining these training approaches in a thoughtful way, you can get the best of both, like our client Liam on our reviews page.

Try out a calisthenics workout with us

You can find a personal trainer with Muddy Plimsolls and try out one of our Training Plans. By taking time to cover all approaches to calisthenics, we produce a well-rounded exercise programme and develop a body that has well-rounded athletic ability.

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