Running to lose weight

Running to lose weight - winter fitness in the park

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Running to lose weight

Long distance running has long held a monopoly on the common view of what it takes to lose weight. It’s a common concern amongst new clients that outdoor training requires a lot of running.

In my experience, as a personal trainer to many different types of client, a superior approach to calorie burning and improvements in general fitness is to add short/quick runs to a programme of longer runs. Training beginners, these ‘interval’ runs can be as quick as 10-30 seconds, followed by timed walking, then another 10-30 second run.

These intervals don’t have to be maximal sprinting speeds, either. Just a speed that is out of the ordinary from your own training experience.

One of our personal training clients, a novice runner, prepared for a 5k charity race in 8 weeks, saying:

“Jason came up with a program that suited both my schedule and physical ability. … And from only being able to run for less than 30 secs in my first session, I managed to finish the race in less than 40 minutes!” [Mky]

In this way, newbies build confidence in running to lose weight; learn to enjoy the challenges of a run (pace, speed, terrain, incline, wind resistance), and get a lot more enjoyment from it, too.


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