An outdoor work out makes the park your fitness playground

Outdoor Work Out - monkey bars traverse

Make the park your fitness playground

An outdoor work out offers a great advantage over indoor gyms – the availability of space to move. I think that many park exercisers are missing out by exercising rooted to one spot. They lay down a mat and perform their entire workout right there, or next to a park bench. It’s an approach that has developed from people’s experience of indoor gyms. Space and equipment can be limited especially during peak hours. So no one wants to give up their valuable spot.

Outdoors training is very different. The focus is not on fitness equipment but on moving one’s body: over hills, obstacles, or simply from one location to the next. With a little imagination, the outdoor space and landscape near to you can make for a fun and varied location for training.

During Muddy Plimsolls personal training sessions, clients burn a massive amount of calories by moving they own bodies around rather than picking up a set of dumbbells. And changing from one location to another during a workout session introduces new opportunities: climbing hills or tackling rough terrain or leaping over obstacles. They experience something different in each of our bodyweight-based workouts.

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