Core Exercises that burn calories

Core exercises with medicine ball

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Core Exercises that burn calories

Core exercises are traditionally performed lying down, which interrupts the intensity of a calorie burning workout. We wanted to find a way to keep your metabolism running, whilst developing a strong, tight core.

At Muddy Plimsolls, client training includes a programme of standing core exercises that keep you on-your-feet and/or moving. We train our clients using the Pallof press, side twists, and hanging leg raises. These exercises are more unconventional than traditional planks and crunches, but they’re better at toning your midsection and strengthening the lower back, glutes and abdominals.

Yes, we do use planks too. But we also draw on ‘moving’ versions of the basic plank exercise. Either raising an arm or a leg or one of each! Sometimes, pushing the hips out to the side, sliding parallel to the ground, to increase the demand on the core muscles.

As these core exercises keep you moving, they don’t bring your calorie-burning efforts to a standstill.


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