Friends & family can help your motivation to exercise in the New Year

Motivation to exercise, share goals with family

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Allow your friends & family to help with your New Year resolution to exercise more

Resolutions are more sustainable when shared.  It’s hard enough to maintain New Year fitness resolutions – especially alone.  Choosing a personal trainer to guide you and increase your motivation to exercise, is an important step.  Many Muddy Plimsolls clients come to us early in the year, with resolutions to lose weight and get fit – and we enjoy helping them achieve their goals.

Motivation to exercise regularly

And although our personal trainers are expert at motivating clients, we will always recommend that clients share their fitness resolutions with a partner, or a good friend.  This way, it’s easier to keep on track and maintain your resolve, as someone at home, or someone in your personal life, is behind you, being supportive.


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