personal trainer, Jason Doggett

Fitness Coach & Co-Founder, Jason Doggett

Why we’re the best

Welcome to Muddy Plimsolls! Our focus is on you. We listen to your fitness goals and individual needs and come up with a training solution that’s just right for you. When you work with us, you’ll be learning about yourself, your body and how to get the best from it. And along with great results comes a great service. We are fitness professionals: trainers who are punctual, friendly and understanding. And we love helping people connect with their inner ‘fit’ self!

Our Clients

We’re lucky to have a very loyal and positive client base. They mostly live or work close by our four main locations: Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, Hyde Park and Green Park. Some do travel from other parts of London just to train with us. They are mostly aged between 25 and 50. To date, we’ve trained 19 different nationalities. Our clients represent a wide range of physical abilities. Some clients go for a run or attend a yoga class themselves and use Muddy Plimsolls in association with these other pursuits. Others leave the exercise entirely down to their Muddy Plimsolls trainer. The most popular reasons for training with us are; to feel better about oneself, offset a stressful lifestyle with some ‘me time’ and to develop physical strength and confidence. Weight management is also a common goal.

What To Expect From Each Session And In-between

Each session lasts 60 minutes and covers a fun, interesting and effective workout. Some exercises you may have seen before, some you haven’t. There are always elements of stretching, cardio work (not as much as you think!), strength, endurance, SAQ (speed,agility and quickness), balance and coordination. We explain what we’re doing and why, in simple to understand language so you really get what we’re trying to do. And your first session is covered by our Happiness Guarantee.

You won’t get shouted at and you won’t get bored with long conversations about your trainer’s life. The atmosphere in our sessions is relaxed but no-nonsense. We love training outdoors in all weathers and all times of the year. And we’re experts in actual outdoor fitness training: making use of the landscape, the climate and our knowledge of the body.

In-between each session, your trainer is available to you for advice, support and answers to your fitness and diet questions. Plus our office is available to you to help with questions and feedback.

The Muddy Plimsolls approach to Training

Everyone can improve their physical fitness radically with a simple set of bodyweight (aka calisthenic) exercises. Muddy Plimsolls simplifies effective training into a system clients can learn and take away with them. Other equipment such as supplemental weights and resistance bands are also used. We excel at teaching, at having fun and avoiding technical jargon.

Working With Your Diet

Are you getting everything you want from your diet? Weight Watchers, 5:2, Paleo, South Beach, Atkins, Jenny Craig. We’ve worked with clients who have been on all of these diets, and more. We’ll motivate you to stick with it. Or offer our own, unique take on good nutritional choices.


Jason’s primary qualification is the NASM – CPT (National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer). He also has qualifications from the YMCA, Premier Global and Discovery Learning. He is a Register of Exercise Professionals Level 3 certified trainer, and St John’s Ambulance AED and CPR first aid qualified.

With 10 years experience as a personal trainer (which seems to have flown by!) Jason has run Muddy Plimsolls for over five years. Fitness was a career change for him in his mid-thirties. He is married and has a new baby daughter. They all live in the centre of London.

Our Team

Muddy Plimsolls has a small team of excellent trainers. They will hold qualifications that put them at Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) Level 3 or higher and hold current AED and CPR first aid qualifications. We have male and female trainers available.

Prefer to work out at home?

Let us know on your enquiry form and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

Charges and Training Plans

On a Training Plan you will have a certain number of sessions to use when you pay your monthly fee. If you are on a Premier Plan you will pay £250 per month and receive 4×60-minute personal training sessions. If you are on an Optimum Plan then you will pay £500 per month and will receive 8 sessions. If you are on a Max Plan then you will pay £750 per month and will receive 12 sessions. Payment for a Plan is made every 4 weeks for as long as you decide to train with us. Unlike a direct debit agreement, you don’t have to remember to cancel and we always remind you when your next four week training period is coming up. Clients are asked to complete all of their sessions within each 4 week period: you’ll get the best results by training in this consistent way.

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