Weight loss: shirts which were almost too small now fit perfectly within only two months.

I feel great. Everyone has commented on how different I look! I am definitely slimmer, more toned and certainly more confident about how I will look at my wedding.

I am now the lightest and tightest I have been since I was 16! I have noticed a massive difference in muscle tone around my legs, hips and stomach – all areas that were previously a little soft.

[I] definitely toned up and lost weight back towards my optimum weight Lots of flexibility given as I was about to become a dad for the first time when I started!

Definitely stronger – I am certainly making progress on being able to do pull ups. My uphill running is a lot better; I can feel my legs are stronger doing it.

My aim was to run a 5k race. From only being able to run for less than 30 secs in my first session, I managed to finish the race in less than 40 minutes!

I was surprised I would be looking forward to each session but I truly felt each session left me with a “Job well done” feeling.
I have gained so much knowledge.

Thank you so very much for this morning[‘s session]. I apologise for the swearing but boy did I get pushed out of my comfort zone which is what I need



And keep it off. Our trainers are weight loss experts, ready to give you all the support you need. Included in all our package prices is ongoing nutritional motivation, guidance and support. You’ll get guidelines on smart eating for long-term health. We’ll provide down-to-earth, realistic advice, based your personality, tastes & lifestyle. And we’ll encourage you to make the right dietary decisions to maximise your training results.


Burning fat and building muscles will tone you up. How much? It depends on you. But your trainer has the knowledge to get the very best out of you in every single session. It's always amazing how clients' bodies respond to exercise and the right diet.


Our training uses calisthenics (bodyweight training) as the basis of all training. By mastering movements – bending, jumping, twisting, pulling, pushing – using only one’s bodyweight for resistance, you'll find calisthenics is a simple and effective way for people of all ages to keep fit, get strong and stay flexible. On top of that we can offer every form of effective, popular exercise you can name: sports conditioning, Crossfit, kettlebells, HIIT, pilates and yoga-inspired training as well as many other disciplines.