Muddy Plimsolls offers Wandsworth fitness training

Wandsworth Common trim trail

We’ve got 3 top tips for using Wandsworth Common to get fit

Muddy Plimsolls has expanded to Wandsworth! And to celebrate, here’s three fitness tips for local residents of Wandsworth Common who would like to exercise outdoors. Wandsworth Common hosts one of the best trim trails in south London. With nine separate stations, all dotted around an attractive outdoor space, there is plenty of space to follow a full-body exercise routine. So to get the most out of the Wandsworth fitness training stations at this location, I’ve listed below three exercise tips.

1.Multi height pull up bars

Choose one of the bars that suits your height (should come up to around the chest). Keeping feet on the floor, hang underneath the bar with both hands, sitting on your heels. Then pull yourself up, partly by pulling with arms, partly by pushing with your legs. Repeat for 30 seconds to raise the heart rate and tire the arms and legs.

2. Hurdles

Use the set of 5 hurdles (progressing in height) to develop lateral (side) jumps. If the final hurdle proves too high, place hands on the station as you jump over.

3. Double pole climb

A challenging workout for the back and for grip strength. Standing between the poles, reach up and grip both poles. Pull yourself off the floor and try to hold on

A complete workout

At Muddy Plimsolls, we encourage clients to combine using outdoor exercise stations with all the space on offer in your local park. So don’t forget to mix the above exercises with long, slower runs, plus sprints, skipping and other plyometric exercises. This will combine calorie burning with cardiovascular exercise.

Finally, when you’ve completed your workout, don’t forget the Common Ground cafe to the north of the park!

To celebrate Muddy Plimsolls expanding to Wandsworth, we’re offering local residents 10% off any 4-Week Training Plan booked within September 2014. Complete our Enquiry Form to get started.

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