Advice for exercising in Battersea Park

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How to use Battersea Park for fitness training

If your kids are back to school in Battersea, and you want to turn your attention to some exercise ‘me’ time, Battersea Park is a great location. Aside from going for a run around the park, and the great trim trail, there are so many opportunities to follow a great bodyweight workout.

Here are three approaches that we favour with our outdoor training clients.


Sprinting supercharges calorie burning and trains the body to use fat as fuel. It also improves endurance capacity and insulin health. They’re exciting, burn calories and they’re over quickly!

Sprint along the riverside path for 10 seconds. Build up eventually to 30 seconds.

Step Ups

The steps to the Peace Pagoda offer a great obstacle to work on building cardiovascular fitness and leg strength. Just make sure you don’t get in the way of visitors to this wonderful structure.

A bodyweight circuit

Lay down a mat anywhere around Battersea park and go through a full body workout routine using just bodyweight exercises. Find a spot affords a little privacy and enjoy training outdoors with this late summer we’re experiencing at the moment.

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