Case Study: Muddy Plimsolls creates student wellbeing workshop on calisthenics

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This week saw Muddy Plimsolls put on a student wellbeing workshop on calisthenics in the wonderful setting of Hampstead Heath. This workshop was commissioned on behalf of US-based Institute of Study Abroad, Butler University for visiting students studying in London. Butler University was founded in Indiana in 1855. The IFSA offers foreign study opportunities around the world and the workshop was organised for the students by Dr Anna Loutfi, course coordinator for the academic course “Exploring England: Community and Culture”.

IFSA Butler Muddy Plimsolls workshop

Social wellbeing a key aim of our workshop

This workshop was offered to students as a social wellbeing exercise. The aim was to have students feel part of the community in London. The Exploring England course encourages students to submerge themselves in the host city, to go off the beaten path and explore diverse cultures and communities.

With this in mind, Muddy Plimsolls designed a workshop that embraced those themes. We combined practical instruction on best practises in calisthenics (bodyweight exercise) along with a unique introduction to the location we’d chosen: Hampstead Heath.

London is a city covered in green spaces. Some large, some tiny. And many Londoners use this space for exercise and health. Sports, running, yoga, tai chi and calisthenics – bodyweight exercise – are just a few examples of how these spaces are utilised. One of the most impressive and popular locations for such outdoor pursuits is Hampstead Heath. Much-loved by Londoners, the Heath sits north of the city and boasts impressive views of London.

IFSA students were offered the opportunity to follow a challenging workout. It was a beautifully clear and crisp winter’s morning. Running up and down the hills of Hampstead Heath, participants were treated to stunning views of London. To keep everyone warm, our instructor taught a varied programme of calisthenic exercises. There were also insider tips on exercising outdoors like a true Londoner! Time, too, for an introduction to the impressive and long history of the Heath. Our aim was to leave students feeling confident in going out into the community.

We look forward to future collaborations with IFSA-Butler.

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