Our postnatal training is perfect for losing baby weight

Losing Baby Weight

The Race Back to Fitness

Celebrity-mums seem to be losing baby weight in the time it takes for them to get home from hospital. It’s not surprising that new mums can feel they’re in a race to get back in shape quickly. But not so long ago, postnatal fitness wasn’t even considered…

A client of ours, who had her baby in the early 1970’s, reminded us recently that this new trend of racing back to fitness was not always the case.  When she was attending a training session the other day, she mentioned her experience with post pregnancy exercise advice:

The only advice I was given after birth was not to lift anything heavy for 6 weeks and make sure you had your husband’s dinner on the table when he got home from work! There were no postnatal exercise classes … so I decided to stick with swimming and when my daughter came along, I had a huge pram and walked everywhere

Muddy Plimsolls Postnatal Programme

We understand more every year about the benefits of postnatal exercise. But my client’s commonsense approach from the 1970’s still has relevance today.  Finding an appropriate level of exercise is individual to each postnatal client whether their main goal is to improve their energy, build strength for lifting babies, or to lose baby weight.

Our post pregnancy exercise programme Plimsolls begins after the new mum has had her 6-week (or so) post birth check. Then all postnatal clients receive an assessment session and quite a long Health Questionnaire. I know that a lot of new mums just want to ‘get on and exercise’ but it’s so worth it to collect some vital information about the client before we start. Once cleared for exercise, though, we suggest a Training Plan based on how active she was before she gave birth.

Our approach with post pregnancy exercise for new mums begins with exercises designed for core strength, joint stability and pelvic floor control. We can do this next to the buggy in the park, so that mums may stay close to their babies.  Then we increase the intensity when necessary, to include more cardiovascular work.

If your goal in losing baby weight, is approached as a project, not a race, we can achieve impressive results.

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