Three great spots to work on your fitness in Richmond Park

Deer Richmond Park Copyright Hugh Staunton

Muddy Plimsolls’ take on outdoor fitness in Richmond Park

Exercising in Richmond Park, you are met with plenty of choices for a venue. The rolling nature of the terrain, wide open spaces and natural obstacles like fallen trees, make Richmond Park a great place for an effective outdoor workout. And everyone that trains in the park has their own favourite. We’ve suggested, below, just three spots we particularly like. Each location can be made part of an extremely challenging and well-rounded personal training session.

The Tamsin Trail

A 7.5 miles circuit around Richmond Park which joins all of the gates and the car parks. There are some short climbs at Kingston Gate and longer inclines near Pembroke Lodge and Sheen. You can make use of the trail during a workout to access different areas of the park, or simply to find a better view of the deer. A diversion to climb King Henry’s Mound will give you a great view of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Ham Dip Pond

On the west side of the park, by Ham Gate are located some road barriers that afford an opportunity for a set of inverted rows. This challenging exercise works the back muscles, core and grip strength. By hanging underneath the barrier, legs out straight, you then pull yourself up so that your chest meets the bar (if you can). Made slightly easier by bending at the knees.

Broomfield Hill Wood

One of the many beautiful woods within Richmond Park, there is a path that meanders up through the wood and is a particular favourite of ours for no other reason than we just like it. Some short sprints definitely get the heart rate going and tone up the legs.

A mobile personal trainer means just that – we come to you, no matter where you are across the city. Click the link to find out some of the more popular locations for outdoor workouts.

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