Cookery Show: Channel 4

Healthy Food, a personal trainer is interviewed about nutrition

Nutritional Coaching is an integral part of all our fitness training plans.  We help our clients towards a healthy lifestyle, by adopting good habits – like preparing home-cooked dishes and making better choices when dining out – which goes towards solving the food dilemmas created by modern lifestyles.

So we were delighted to be approached by a television  production company, working on behalf of Channel 4, about taking part in a new cookery show!  It’s all very hush-hush and we cannot say too much.  But in a nutshell, the show’s celebrity chef offers advice about making healthy food in your home kitchen, that suits the modern lifestyle and way of living.

The production team and camera crew visited us at home, for the casting.  I was interviewed on camera and filmed in an action sequence in the kitchen, whipping up some scrambled eggs!

The experience has inspired me to produce a mini-blog series for eating healthy food in Springtime – the Muddy Plimsolls way.  I start by recommending eating smart at lunchtime, with a tasty lunchbox salad.


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