Designing a workout plan for beginners to bodyweight exercise

Workout Plan for beginners, alongside personal trainer

Beginners Guide to Outdoor Fitness:

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Multiple Set System – a perfect workout plan for beginners

I find the Multiple Set System an extremely useful workout plan for newcomers to outdoor training, looking to improve strength and conditioning.

The basis of the system is to vary the acute training variables of exercise. Acute variables are elements of an exercise you can change: Rate (speed or tempo of a movement), Rest periods, Range of Motion, Repetitions and Resistance. Manipulating these variables over the course of a workout will immediately improve the effectiveness of the workout. Doing so over the course of a training plan, will do so even more.

At Muddy Plimsolls, we instruct our beginners with an introductory set of repetitions of an exercise. After an adequate rest period between sets, we assess whether he/she should increase or decrease the number of reps by analysing his/her individual fatigue level and feedback. At this stage the other variables such as range of movement or tempo are less important because they require a higher level of ability.

In changing the repetitions and rest variables, every workout plan is adapted to suit the exact fitness level of each individual client.


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