A fitness plan to suit your personality

A fitness trainer demonstrates how he achieves weight loss success, by imitating Tarzan

Bodyweight moves, inspired by Tarzan

Your ‘Fitness Personality’ is key to weight loss success

The strongest predictor of weight loss success is this: the approach you choose must be allied to your personality.  Training with our System follows a programme that’s part-art and part-science, where we develop your training programme around your personality. Our clients are all very different people, with different lifestyles and interests – which influence the training plans we create for them. Several of them share their experience, saying:

Designing a Training Plan around a particular interest:

Achieving weight loss success, by working out in a wooden rowing boat

Like rowing? Train with us to excel at it.

“My workouts are imaginative and tailored towards my own interest in kickboxing and pilates, which keeps things fresh and interesting.”

Designing a Training Plan to help you excel in your favourite sport:

“As a climber, I have certain muscle groups to focus on when training. … My sessions with Muddy Plimsolls are most beneficial and I am now climbing and training, fitter and stronger than before.”

Designing a Training Plan that adds spark to your week:

“Whilst I run, swim and belong to a gym, the challenges and variety I get from training with Muddy Plimsolls give me results that far exceed any of the other training I do.”

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Jason’s ‘Fitness Personality’

A fitness trainer demonstrates his own weight loss success, using monkey bars

“Look – no hands!”

My own experience of finding fitness was strongly influenced by personality. I was never much interested in team sports at school or being competitive with other people. But I have always been amazed by the athleticism of bodyweight-related pursuits. Gymnastics, martial arts and street dance are all activities that impress me – as are climbing sports (the result of watching too many Tarzan movies as a kid).

When I design a fitness programme for myself – following the Muddy Plimsolls System – I can take into account these activities that inspire me. I incorporate elements of them into my own training. In this way, I allow and encourage my fitness plan to be influenced by my own likes and dislikes – to be allied with my own personality. As a result, I manage to do stuff in my training (rope climbing, aerobatics, balancing, etc) that appeals to my own sense of achievement.

Finding what works for you

I believe there are as many ways to ‘keep fit’ or exercise to lose weight as there are different personalities. You just need to find out what works for you and what keeps you interested and motivated. This way, great results will occur automatically and you’ll have weight loss success stories of your own to share.

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