Spring Training advice

spring training for Muddy PLimsolls Clients

Spring training: a welcome thaw after winter but weather can still catch you

There’s still good reason to keep wearing those winter layers. Rapid changes in weather over the period of just an hour can really change the experience of a spring training workout. ‘Be prepared’ is our motto. Here’s a couple of pieces of advice for anyone wanting to exercise this spring.

Here’s a little infographic that answers the question we get about training outdoors in spring (or any time of the year): “Do you train in all weathers?”

For goal setting, work backwards from the date of your first event/holiday/charity run

March, April, May can see you put in some solid training towards your goals without trying to get it all done in June. Consider a monthly remote coaching service to keep you motivated with your own solo programme.

Lighten the diet as the days get lighter

New, fresh produce comes into season, winter carbs aren’t so much en vogue. Revamp your usual menu for a few weeks with some lighter, leaner spring recipes to kickstart your weight loss.

Stick to outdoor activities

Keep up the active lifestyle by starting that walk to work (or partial-walk to work) or tackling the garden. A scheduled spring clean or DIY project keeps you moving.

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