A personal training gift card you can customise

Muddy Plimsolls personal training gift card

Buying a personal training gift card for a loved one is a great idea. And it can be made even better through customisation of their gift. That’s why we at Muddy Plimsolls offer advice to customers wanting to buy for a loved one.

Call our office (020 7491 1235) and chat with a fitness pro about putting together a personalised fitness plan to go on your gift card for a loved one.

A custom-designed fitness gift card can really speak to the recipient with a super-relevant and motivating content. We have two gift card ideas as examples, below.

Learning the ropes of running

There is more to running than simply running. Our Calisthenics for Runners gift package is for the novice runner to learn efficient running technique. In addition they’ll improve their strength and cardiovascular fitness for running.

An introductory session to assess gait analysis, moving posture and biomechanics is followed by a series of sessions scheduled over the next few weeks. These longer sessions allow more time to either run, recuperate or go over new exercises or challenges to improve the client’s running ability.

Remote coaching for event fitness

You may know someone who already goes for solo runs or visits the gym to attend classes.

But if they have a special event coming up – a charity race or obstacle course – they may want some help with the training they already do. Instead of attending one-to-one personal training, Muddy Plimsolls can provide regular online and phone consultations, workout programming and goal reviews. This remote coaching service is typically based around a weekly or monthly client call plus regular homework and technical support.

It’s a perfect way to experience the advantage of having a personal trainer.

Personalised personal training gift cards available now

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Visit our online shop to purchase a personal training gift card.

When you’ve bought your card, we’ll email your recipient at the time and date you’d like them to receive their gift card. We can also send you a printable pdf copy.

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