Beginners’ guide to calisthenics part 3: progression


Progression is systematically making an exercise more difficult in order to make the body increase its efforts and thus adapt itself to the job. When this happens, the body responds favourably to the challenge by becoming stronger, faster and leaner.

In a traditional gym , progression is usually found in increasing weights (picking up a heavier dumbbell etc.)

Calisthenics traditionally does not rely on much fitness equipment. So whilst we at Muddy Plimsolls do make use of supplemental equipment, most of the calisthenics exercises we use must be progressed using the body’s own levers. So, generally, the longer the lever the harder the exercise. The levers being the arms and legs.

Hence an on-the-knees push up is progressed to an on-the-toes push-up. The lever of the body has been extended from the shoulder-knees, to the shoulder-toes.

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