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Challenges of Urban Environment

Moving to a flat in the heart of London a month ago has seen me inherit many of the challenges my clients face in getting fit, when there are less than optimal facilities available.

My W1 postcode has a square of green space, but it’s small and lacking privacy.  A run can be frustrating along streets teeming with workers and tourists. My work schedule won’t always permit me time to travel to an outdoor gym.  And I especially miss the concrete basement/yard in my old property, where I was able to weight-train to my heart’s content – but I doubt my new downstairs neighbours would appreciate weights thumping overhead.


My recent blog about applying exercise economy to training programmes has proven timely, as it seems I must make a few changes to my own training.

I’ve  scoured the West End for street furniture that I can use with a bodyweight programme – and out-of-the-way steps or inclines that make a run more challenging.  As I now live on the 4th floor (with no lift), climbing my stairwell has become an essential part of my cardio training.  And, because I think I’d get a little self-conscious doing hamstring stretches on Oxford Street, I’ve brought my flexibility programme indoors into the front room.

Finally, when I do travel to visit an outdoor gym, I make best use of the occasion. I use every piece of equipment I find to supplement my new, ‘urban’ workout. The key is programming home workouts that complement outdoor training in order to keep seeing results.

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