Outdoor Fitness in the Rain

Fitness Training in the rain on Primrose Hill

Training in all weathers on Primrose Hill

Outdoor Fitness In the Rain

A threatening cloud hung in the sky, as I started fitness training in Primrose Hill with a client, last week.   Although she is keen on exercising outdoors and not averse to a spot of rain, we relocated under a tree as the first drops began to fall.  I adapted the session, concentrating on upper-body work to keep her off the wet ground.  The rain fell harder.  We changed tactic again, seeking shelter under an archway, focussing this time on padwork.  Rain lashed down, water cascading everywhere.  My client paused between punches, shrugged and said, ‘Looks like we’re going to get wet!’

All-weather Training

It happens with outdoor personal training.  Part of the thrill is exercising outside throughout the year, whatever the weather. In the wet, the cold, in darkness, even outdoor fitness in snow.  I find clients develop a different mindset during a rainy session.  They’re not hopping between shop fronts or fighting collapsing umbrellas.  They’re reaching within themselves to pull out something unexpected; a little toughness, discipline, endurance.

Meeting the Elements

Being out in the elements canbe dramatic, uncomfortable and even annoying. But if you’re thinking of exercising outdoors, then at some point you need to address the weather and what you do about it. We’ve written a number of blogs on this, from mental attitude to what to wear. Many of our clients would rather brave a storm than have to spend an hour in a crowded gym. So, perhaps, perspective is the key.

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