Boost your fitness to improve fertility: advice on exercise to conceive

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Exercise to conceive

Exercise is a good habit to adopt, at any time – but especially when you’re planning to get pregnant. Zita West, a preconception planning guru, believes that exercise is important to fertility:

“The way you live your life will have an impact on your fertility … exercise (or lack of it) can affect your chances of conceiving. … Regular exercise is definitely recommended for fertility and as a preparation for pregnancy.”

Zita West: Plan to Get Pregnant

Muddy Plimsolls has developed our own ‘exercise to conceive‘ programme, specifically designed for women and men who are finding it difficult to get pregnant. Exercising with your own specially written exercise plan, helps fertility by knocking down many barriers to conceiving.

  • Excessive stress and lethargy is unhelpful when you’re trying for a baby. To combat this, exercise stimulates endorphins that re-energise you and boost your mood, alleviating stress and tiredness.
  • Being overweight or falling short of maintaining a healthy diet, does nothing to improve your chances of getting pregnant. A regular exercise regime and nutritional coaching guidelines, will help you manage your weight and make the right dietary decisions towards a healthier lifestyle.
  • Feeling consistently under-the-weather is not the best preparation for pregnancy. Exercise is great for boosting your immune system and making your body’s systems work more efficiently and effectively, to ensure you’re in tip-top health and fitness.


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