How to get the maximum effect from a boxing workout

Boxing workout gear, boxing gloves, skip rope and wraps

An assortment of boxing gear – gloves, skip rope and wraps

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A boxing workout routine

A boxing workout is a fun and safe introduction to fitness for clients at any level – and training outdoors affords the perfect space to move around, blasting some hook and jab pads.

At Muddy Plimsolls, we like to make the boxing experience more authentic. For prolonged padwork, we’ll protect your hands using wrist wraps. 
And instead of single punches, we teach more challenging, quick combinations of 3 or 4 punches. We encourage our clients to build up to 3 minute ‘rounds’ (the Olympic standard), within a 20ft x 20ft boxing ring area.

Don’t forget the rest of your conditioning workout

To make a boxing workout routine super-effective and turn it into a complete conditioning workout, you must combine boxing combos with bigger, compound movements. So, make sure you also perform some push-ups, pull-ups or burpees. Or some bodyweight squats and lunge jumps. These exercises counteract the tendency with padwork of staying in one spot and striking pads. Sure, it’s enjoyable and tiring for the arms and you get out of breath. But you’re not going to burn many calories just doing that.

The boxer’s physique comes from a a punishing schedule of boxing-specific training, roadwork and skip work together with a strict diet.

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