Tackling Fitness Blogging

Muddy Plimsolls co-founder Jason Doggett seated on top of monkey bars

A departure from bland and mediocre fitness blogging

Of the millions of words published online about fitness, very few help dispel confusion about what exercise and proper nutrition can and cannot do for you.

Tackling fitness blogging

To avoid the online ‘blah, blah, blah’, when I come to write a blog, I concentrate on the real factors that affect people’s fitness levels, weight and wellbeing. Issues such as psychology, logistics and personality. For instance, here’s a blog on Healthy Eating To Suit Your Personality.

Rather than me describing the latest exercise physiology research, it might be of more practical use for me to give some simple advice on the Horrible Running Styles I see on a daily basis. Running before you can walk won’t help the average layman lose weight.

I also try to explain how and why my personal approach to exercise works. Bodyweight Exercises – Practical Pointers begins to explain how a simple bodyweight exercise routine can reap more rewards than a gym membership.

Finally, I like to give you a little insight into my world; personal training in the heart of the city. I hope to show that any urbanite can stay fit given a little encouragement and instruction.

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